Psychologist Caught Practicing Under Stolen License


When a person applies for position as a doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc., it goes without saying that this person has the proper education and license to perform the duties those positions require, right?  I mean, why else would they bother?  Perhaps he or she believes no one will bother to check since that assumption will most likely be made.  A lesson to us all: 

Never assume the obvious is true. ~ William Safire

Psychologist for SLO County is a fraud, authorities say

She worked for years using an allegedly stolen license number

By Leslie Parilla, The Tribune News – January 6, 2009

A woman who posed as a counselor for the county and as a private psychologist in San Luis Obispo had been using the license of a therapist who worked across the hall from her for several years before she was arrested, authorities allege.

Nadejda Kachlakeva was criminally charged Dec. 19 with grand theft, impersonating someone and receiving their property, forging a state seal on a fraudulent license and related enhancements, according to court documents.

She has been released from custody after posting $100,000 bail. Kachlakeva is scheduled to return to court Jan. 14 for a pretrial hearing.

According to her relatives, Kachlakeva has a master’s degree in psychology from a university in her native Bulgaria. But that information could not be verified Tuesday with officials at Sofia University.