Professor Who Helped Out at Elementary Schools Previously Convicted of Sexual Abuse Against Children


When a background check does not uncover convictions for “sexual abuse against children and multiple counts of sodomy”, you aren’t running a thorough background check.  Disturbed doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction to this story.   The University of Georgia didn’t just miss the boat on this one.  They sunk it.

Professor, fired for lying about sexual abuse against children, helped out at elementary schools (w/audio, documents)

Tamara Best, – December 10, 2008

A former College of Education professor was fired after he failed to tell the University he served jail time for sexual abuse against children and multiple counts of sodomy, and the University reports “no developments regarding the termination.”

Cecil Fore III was hired in August 2001 and was on the tenure track in the College of Education’s Department of Special Education.

In April 2006 he was promoted to associate professor with tenure, according to documents obtained by The Red & Black.

A “large component” of his work at the University included traveling to 13 schools between 2004 and 2006 to implement “positive behavorial supports to curb school-wide discipline,” the document states.

In 1991, Fore was convicted on multiple counts of sodomy in the second degree and one count of sexual abuse in the second degree against three special education students in junior high schools in Montgomery, Ala., according to court documents.