Private Club Hired Illegal Worker Who Raped Fellow Employee


If there ever was an example of what NOT to do, this would be it.

1.  Hire an illegal alien to work for your company

2.  Not conduct a background check (but really, how could you conduct a thorough check without a valid social security number – which you knew about!)

3.  Not accept responsibility for your actions (or lack thereof)

And let’s not forget the Club’s President actually placing blame on the victim for an earlier incident that occurred with her attacker that, in my opinion, was in no way any fault of hers. 

If I were a member of this club, I would be canceling my membership faster than you can say ‘negligent hiring lawsuit’.

Testimony: Lax checks led Everglades Club in Palm Beach to hire illegal worker who raped woman

By Michele Dargan, Palm Beach Daily News Staff Writer – December 20, 2008   

Depositions in a rape lawsuit against the Everglades Club have shed light on some of the veiled practices of the exclusive club.

The club has been sued by former employee Melissa Legare, who was attacked by an illegal, undocumented club employee.

Testimony by club President William Pannill reveals a secret, stringent vetting policy for prospective members that contrasts starkly with a loose hiring process that allowed dozens of illegal workers with forged green cards — some with criminal backgrounds — to work for the club.

One of those undocumented workers, Esdras Cardona, raped Legare in the pre-dawn hours of April 2, 2006, after breaking into her dormitory room at the club.

Legare, then 20, fought off Cardona, an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, until he left the room and police were called.

Cardona, a dishwasher, was convicted of the rape the following year and is serving a 20-year sentence.

Legare’s attorney, Ted Babbitt of West Palm Beach, claims the club failed to supply adequate security, failed to support Legare after the crime and failed to properly check Cardona’s background.