Police Department Botches Background Check on Officer


In what can only be deemed as a blunder of catastrophic proportions, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department hired a police officer with a history of domestic violence in which a restraining order was issued against him.  Somehow, the background check conducted on this individual missed this record – a record that also prohibited him from owning or carrying a firearm during the time the restraining order was in effect.    This officer now stands accused of sexually assaulting five women while on duty.

With the resources available to them, there is no excuse for the CMPD not to have known about this person’s history.  An editorial that appeared in the Charlotte Observer really hits the mark describing the ramifications of not completing a comprehensive background check on this person:

“If he’s guilty of the charges against him, his hiring brought physical and emotional harm to at least three women and put untold others at risk. It has jeopardized criminal cases Jackson worked on and damaged the hard-earned trust police need from citizens to help keep communities safe.

This is a folly that must not be repeated. CMPD must fix any personnel problems or practices that allowed it to happen, and those responsible for the botched background check must be held accountable.”

Looks like CMPD has some work to do. ..not to mention quite a mess to clean up.