Employer Warned About Mutilating Doctor: NSW Opp


It has been reported that an Australian doctor was hired to practice obstetrics although his background check stated there were restrictions to his license. Why conduct the background check if the results are immaterial to your hiring decision? There’s really no valid excuse for this company hiring this individual to practice medicine at their facility. A background check should never be just a formality in the hiring process. The results should be used for its intended purpose – to make sure that the person you are hiring can not only do the job but that they are the type of person you want working for your company. This company dropped the ball 100 times over.

Employer warned about mutilating doctor: NSW Opp

The New South Wales Opposition says it has proof a former doctor was hired despite a warning he was banned from practising obstetrics.

Dr Graeme Reeves allegedly mutilated and assaulted hundreds of women while working at hospitals at Pambula and Bega on the state’s far south coast.