City of San Francisco Held Hostage by Sneaky Techie


The City of San Francisco has learned a very hard lesson over the last few months – that not running a background check can equal catastrophe in more ways than one!  First, they hire a criminal to work in their IT department without conducting a background check (strike one!).  Then, they fail to properly supervise him (strike 2!).  Lastly, due to these swings and misses, this person was able to appoint himself ultimate ruler of the entire city’s network by creating a super password – which only he has.  And he’s not sharing! (strike 3 – you’re out!)

If the city had done its due diligence and ran a proper background check on this guy, they may have opted not to hire him and would not find themselves in the situation they now face.  It may take them months, even years to discover all of the little devices and roadblocks this ex-employee built to make their lives as difficult as possible.


City of San Francisco: 0

Sneaky Techie: TBD

Rogue Sys Admin Still Haunts San Francisco

After finding yet another unauthorized device on its network, the department has the jitters.

Richard Adhikari, – September 12, 2008

Terry Childs, the system administrator who is in jail awaiting trial for, in effect, holding San Francisco’s fiber-optic wide area network hostage back in July, continues to darken the lives of members of the city’s IT department.
Childs had installed equipment on the network without authorization and essentially taken it over, creating a super password, then refusing to hand it over until the city’s mayor, Gavin Newsom, visited him in jail a week after his arrest. Then, on Aug. 28, the IT department got a shock: It found yet another unauthorized device on the network.