ASU Professor Had Previous Sexual Battery Conviction


An Albany State University associate professor has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on two female students.  It has been discovered that Dr. Philip Jemilohun was convicted of misdemeanor sexual battery in Virgina in 2001, but was not required to register as a sex offender in the state of Georgia because his conviction pre-dates June 30, 2001.  Jemilohun was also convicted in Georgia of solicitation of sodomy back in the 1980’s but that crime is not considered a sex offense.

ASU and the Georgia Board of Regents state that criminal, social security number and employment history checks are conducted on all job applicants for a minimum of seven years.  The criminal records check is only conducted in the state of Georgia.  Since criminal checks were only conducted in Georgia, it is obvious the school would not have known about the associate professor’s sexual battery conviction in Virginia. 

What can we learn from this story?  That it is vital that employers conduct thorough criminal records checks in all places that an applicant has lived or worked.  Limiting your criminal history check to the current state or county of residence, or even the last “X” number of years could be a costly mistake. 

Biology Professor has two previous convictions

By Jenna McWilliams, Fox 31 News – Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New information discovered by FOX 31 News sheds a different light on Albany State University associate professor Dr. Philip Jemilohun.

63-year-old Jemilohun was arrested Tuesday after two female students came forward with complaints of sexual assault.  Classes continued without a hitch at ASU today, but students were coy about the recent arrest of Jemilohun.

“Don’t let one apple spoil the whole bunch.  I don’t look at any of them differently. It’s really messed up that he did that,” said Brekita Kraft.

“That kind of disgusts me actually because I’m like why are you messing with your students,” said Nikita Davis, sophomore at ASU.

But FOX 31 News has confirmed Jemilohun has two prior convictions. One from the Atlanta area dating back to the 1980’s for the solicitation of sodomy. Authorities say he was given first offender treatment in that case and it isn’t considered a sex offender act. The most recent conviction was in Virginia in 2001, a misdemeanor for sexual battery.  Sources say that conviction dates prior to June 30, 2001, which would not require Jemilohun to register as a sex offender in the state of Georgia.  ASU Police Chief Roberson Brown says he’s turned the investigation over to the District Attorney’s office.