11/7/2011 Wisconsin Prepares to Ban Felons From Working at Schools


” The bill, when signed, will allow a school district to deny employment, fire or refuse to hire someone who has a felony record — even if the conviction occurred decades ago and is not related to the job.”

This story is popping up all over my Google alerts and I felt compelled to post.  The above quote is from fdlreporter.com and refers to a proposed Wisconsin law that would ban all felons from working in schools.

Am I in favor of it? I think I am.  However, I’m not sure that this policy won’t be fought tooth and nail by folks such those at the EEOC.  Particularly, the part about the age of the offense and its relevance to the job.  This might actually be a case that just needs to be heard.

Would any of us entrust our children to schools who knowingly hired felons?  How about those who conducted substandard background checks and weren’t given comprehensive information? (Okay, that’s all schools.)

So is the EEOC willing to go to bat on this one?  We shall see.