7/7/2008 Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Bill to Destroy Criminal Records


We reported back in May that the State of Rhode Island House of Representatives passed a bill that mandated the destruction of all criminal records that resulted in a deferred sentence (click here to view our original update), a sentence usually reserved for those who plead guilty or no contest. The bill mandated that the records be quashed and destroyed automatically following the usual five year deferral period.

Well, thanks to an update that we just received from the folks at BRB Publications, we are happy to announce that the bill has been vetoed by the governor. See BRB’s post here.

This would have been a tremendous set-back to any organization who conducts background checks on potential job candidates in Rhode Island. If the state destroyed these records, employers would have no way of being assured that they can perform thorough due diligence on their candidates.

View the entire bill here . . .