Ohio Employers Beware


Proposed Senate Bill Would Hurt Employment Background
Screening Efforts

As we reported previously, State Senator Shirley Smith of Ohio has proposed a piece of legislation that seeks to expunge or seal certain felonies off the records of those with convictions. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such proposed legislation, however in most cases the crimes the seek to seal are usually for one time offenders with non-violent convictions. And most of the time, these efforts are squashed when the ramifications are considered.

Well, this time Senator Smith has greater reaching goals. It is being reported in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that her proposal includes expunging crimnal records including felonies such as manslaughter, reckless homicide, domestic violence, stalking and abduction. Does this really sound like a good idea? I think not. This bill would in essence clean the records of felons with such convictions and leave employers blindfolded when considering such candidates for jobs, posing them with potential threats to their employees, clients and their overall businesses. See article below.

Bill would give felons second chance

As both an employer in the state of Ohio and an employment screener, we are going to do something about this. We have already begun a letter writing campaign to our State Senators and Congressmen urging them to consider the consequences of this measure. We intend to rally the support of our clients who conduct background checks in the state of Ohio to do the same. We will reach out to relevant media outlets and advocate on behalf of all employers in the state of Ohio.

Interested in getting involved? Please email us at info@employeescreen.com.