Take It Outside: The Benefits of Workforce Management Outsourcing


Editor’s Note: Occasionally, we like to present information on topics that might not address background checks, but are of concern to those in the HR field. In this economy everyone is looking to save time and money and the insights shared by Valiant’s, Anthony Petraco highlight one such way this can be done. Enjoy! NFThe most important investments businesses and government organizations make are in their people. And many companies are investing in people-related technology to improve the administration and productivity of their workforces. Progressive organizations understand the importance of establishing best practices across their enterprises. However, when it comes to tracking, managing and paying a large, remote workforce, the best practices model gets compromised by administrative complexities and unnecessary waste.


If your employee scheduling, time collection, payroll and HRIS processes are draining key resources and costing your organization more than they should, it’s time to look to the marketplace for solutions.

After years of struggling with in-house payroll and other administrative processes, many companies have learned that outsourcing makes business sense. And those who already leverage the services of one or more outsourced vendors are embracing the value of a comprehensive, single-source-provider approach to workforce management.

There are a number of reasons for this paradigm shift:

Businesses must do more with less. And today’s workforces—particularly those comprising large numbers of hourly employees—are becoming more remote, more spread out and more difficult to manage. In many industries, a single employee routinely works in multiple locations and positions and receives different rates of pay for each during a single shift or tour.

Leading-edge time collection methods (biometric readers, mobile devices, web kiosks, etc.), scheduling software and web-based payroll and HR solutions that efficiently manage employees from on-boarding to retirement have proliferated and are available from a number of vendors. To maximize their value, these solutions require the specialized expertise of a single-source workforce management provider.

Outsourcing continues to gain traction as a business strategy that measurably reduces costs and increases efficiency. Ask yourself: Are your internal administrative processes buttoned-down enough to withstand the scrutiny of the marketplace? For example, does your organization schedule multiple employees at multiple job sites capably and cost effectively enough so that you could market your scheduling services to another company in your industry? If you aren’t maximizing the efficiency of every workforce management process in your company, you’re a good candidate for an outsourced solution.

Of course, when assessing the need for outsourced workforce management solutions, cost and ROI are always primary concerns. While it can be difficult to quantify the true value your organization gains by improving business efficiency, if your company upgrades from a manual in-house payroll system to a fully hosted and web-based system built on a centralized employee database, you’ll dramatically improve your business processes, reduce payroll errors and save significant money over time.

Employee and Manager Self Service is another focal point for business. Newer, more sophisticated Generation X and Y employees demand immediate access to their information from any location, at any time. The same is true of managers who are frequently forced to work from home and need immediate, secure access to all of their resources.

When incorporated as part of a comprehensive workforce management strategy, self service solutions greatly reduce the strain on your Human Resources and Payroll departments, empower your employees and facilitate communication across your company. Without involving HR, employees can access paycheck stub detail, hours and rates paid, vacation accrual balances, future work schedules, benefits information, training programs and more.

Management not only gets a secure portal through which it can post notices to an individual or group of employees, but also the ability to provide all their company documents (employee manuals, benefits forms, etc.) online for easy downloading by the entire workforce. These systems also offer access to a number of critical management reports.

Additionally, better workforce management solutions provide a robust custom report writer tool, which allow companies to easily access all the information in the single database for reporting or data exporting.

Other benefits of a real-time, web-based workforce management solution are easier to quantify:

  • Greatly reduced overtime costs
  • The elimination of time theft and buddy punching
  • The elimination of employee badges and ID cards (and their associated costs) via biometric hand readers or other advanced time collection devices.
  • More accurate job costing: the ability to know your real labor costs dynamically and in real time.
  • Greatly improved scheduling efficiency: the ability to place employees with the proper credentials, certifications and training at multiple job sites and proactively fill staffing vacancies before they compromise your service level agreements.
  • Automatic, real-time alerts via email, mobile devices or telephone when an employee misses a shift and doesn’t sign into work
  • More accurate payrolls and consistent compliance with local, state and federal labor regulations and tax laws
  • Maximized administrative efficiency via a single, centralized employee database that is accessible to management personnel across the entire enterprise from anywhere, and in real-time

The best workforce management providers offer a unified, single-source solution that helps organizations automate complex business processes, dramatically reduce administrative costs, spur business growth and increase enterprise value. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take it outside.

Anthony Petraco is the president & CEO of Valiant Solution, Inc Anthony has more than 20 years experience as a senior-level executive. In 1993, Mr. Petraco and Executive Vice President Valorie Sledge founded Valiant in order to provide premier workforce management solutions to businesses and government agencies. Under his stewardship, Valiant’s payroll processing has grown to exceed $3 billion per year and the company has become a leading provider of fully hosted, web-based software and consulting services, supplying comprehensive Time & Attendance, Scheduling, Payroll, HR and Business Process Outsourcing solutions to more than 1,000 clients operating across a wide spectrum of industries and markets.

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