Employers Guide to Outsourcing Employment Verifications


Our friends over at the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS)  recently published a tremendous resource that details everything employers would want to know about Verifications (Education, Employment, Professional License, etc.) and their value when conducting a thorough background check.

The Employers Guide to Outsourcing Employment Verifications not only defines what Verification services are available and how they can be used to make a hiring decision but also describes how they are, or should be obtained and offers best practices tips to maximize success. A big thumbs up to the Best Practices-Verifications Sub Committee on this one. This is a great comprehensive resource. See an excerpt taken from the guide below. Click here for the full version of The Employers Guide to Outsourcing Employment Verifications

  • General Guidelines for Successful Verifications Provide as much information as possible with your search request.
    The full employer or school name, city and state information, name used at the institution, and full contact information for a reference are critical. Time spent by the CRA researching phone numbers and contact information will delay your results. Further, remember to include other names used by the applicant, especially in the case of additional or different names. An individual’s last name may change because of marriage or divorce. However, also remember that some individuals may have used a different first name, perhaps when younger. The professional now known as Robert J. Jones may have been known as “Jimmy” Jones in school. The CRA must have the name the individual used during the time frame being verified in order to successfully complete the verification.


  • Have a signed consent form from the applicant.
    Unlike many other types of background searches, verifications may require that you provide a copy of the applicant’s consent to the CRA in order for them to complete the verification. Some sources, especially educational institutions, may have a policy in place that requires a copy of a “wet” signature (as opposed to an electronic signature) consent prior to releasing information.


  • Request the level of verification that best fits your needs.
    If you are requesting a verification for the purpose of verifying information on an application, have the CRA conduct a simple or standard verification. If a subject’s previous salary or GPA is not important in the hiring process, don’t ask the CRA to obtain it. Acquiring sensitive information, such as salary or GPA, and asking custom questions has a likelihood of increasing your costs and delaying the reporting of results.


  • Be patient.
    In some cases, the source of the information to be verified does not view a timely response to be a priority. Past employers, schools and references are often busy with their primary duties. Providing timely and/or lengthy verifications can take up valuable time from these sources, particularly if the information is old or archived. Some sources may be unwilling to respond under any circumstances. They may not return phone calls or provide any information to the verifier. Similarly, the source may not recognize the name of the CRA and choose not to respond, whereas the source may be readily familiar with the name of the potential employer and return the call as a professional courtesy.

Click here for the full version of The Employers Guide to Outsourcing Employment Verifications

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