A New Era in Talent Management Systems


As more companies come to realize that their employees’ talents and skills drive their business success, they become more strategic and deliberate in how they source, attract, select, develop and retain employees. Talent Management Systems are designed for the specific purpose of streamlining these efforts through automation, creating more efficient and cost-effective processes. Unlike Applicant Tracking or Talent Management Systems of the past, today’s Talent Platforms are solutions that make it possible for corporations to manage their organization’s entire talent lifecycle through a single web-based system, eliminating the need to purchase multiple, costly, disparate talent management solutions or software that don’t communicate well with each other. Furthermore, with a single web-based system, integrating with multiple partners and services is more seamless than ever, saving time and improving efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Utilizing a Talent Platform?

Talent Platforms offer robust, yet scalable technology, capable of powering multiple talent initiatives within one core platform. This, in turn, equates into greater process efficiencies for your HR team. Such efficiencies include, but are not limited to, the creation of job requisitions, the tracking of candidates, and the management of employee referral and transfer programs. Additionally, Talent Platforms are highly flexible solutions that can configure to your unique hiring management processes and are capable of accommodating your evolving needs as your organization grows or your processes change. Furthermore, Talent platforms can improve your organization’s internal and external communication, reporting capabilities, brand identity and EEO/OFCCP compliance.

Can Talent Platforms Integrate with EmployeeScreenIQ ?

Absolutely! Talent Platforms have the ability to bring together numerous HR Solutions and Service Providers that address a myriad of business challenges that organizations of all sizes and in all industries face today. A Talent Platform, for example, can integrate with a background check provider to produce thorough, accurate screening reports that meet your unique needs as well as the standards of federal and international employment guidelines. The enhanced interface of a Talent Platform allows users to utilize the background check provider’s latest technologies in a seamless bi-directional process which returns results quickly and easily. This enhanced interface is designed to help HR professionals become even more efficient in evaluating candidates and more competitive in their race to introduce new talent to their organization. Additionally, as the bi-directional capabilities of a Talent Platform reduces the time it takes to complete crucial stages of evaluation such as pre-employment screening, it is also ultimately reducing a corporation’s overall time-to-fill metric.

Interested in Learning More About Talent Platforms?

Contact iCIMS, a leading provider of web-based Talent Platforms, at 1-800-889-4422. Or visit their website at http://icims.com and view a free online demo at http://www.icims.com/view.

Kristy Megna is Marketing Communications Coordinator for New Jersey-based iCIMS, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider. Kristy can be reached by email at kristy.megna@icims.com.

About iCIMS:
iCIMS, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, is an Inc. 500 honoree focused on solving corporate business issues through the implementation of easy-to-use web-based software solutions. iCIMS’ Talent Platform enables organizations to automate their entire talent lifecycle from applicant tracking through onboarding and beyond, offering an efficient, cost-effective alternative to timely manual methods. Supporting more than 600 clients, iCIMS has the experience of managing the recruitment initiatives of companies of all sizes, and across all industries. iCIMS offers fully scalable solutions that best suit the organization’s existing workflow and processes and offers powerful yet flexible tools that grow with the company’s evolving needs. Additionally, when clients partner with iCIMS, they receive much more than a software package. iCIMS’ award-winning technology platform is backed by the industry’s best customer service. Consistently recognized for outstanding service, iCIMS has maintained a 97% corporate renewal rate since 2003, and has earned a perfect 4.0 out of 4.0 for customer service in an independent study, as well as 9.5 out of 10 in a recent client survey. This commitment to providing superior customer service has enabled iCIMS to retain its position as one of the largest and fastest-growing providers in the space while maintaining one of the industry’s highest customer satisfaction and retention rates.

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