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    What would you do?  That’s the question we’re posing to human resources professionals confronted with hypothetical and thorny background check scenarios– from the discovery of inflated resumes to criminal histories –our third annual Employment Screening Trends Survey.

    Our ambitious new survey, which probes deeper into attitudes toward these and other tricky employment issues, allows you to express their opinions regarding the various influences that impact their hiring decisions and learn from the responses of your industry peers.

    Human resources professionals, hiring managers, recruiters and industry experts across North America are encouraged to access the brief survey, which takes about six minutes to complete, by visiting All participants will be entered into a prize drawing for an Apple iPad2 and will receive an executive summary of the survey results when they become available in early 2012.

    The insights gleaned from the research will also help EmployeeScreenIQ better understand the hiring industry’s challenges and shape future educational offerings such as webinars and white papers.

    Drawing upon real-world concerns in the rapidly changing world of background checks, the new survey not only asks employers how they respond when adverse information is revealed about a job candidate, but also solicits opinions on timely “hot button” topics like the legitimacy of online education, and social networking sites as potential job-seeker landmines. It also measures concerns about the screening process itself and employers’ criteria for choosing a provider.

    Over the past two years, the response to our annual survey has increased dramatically. This tells us that the HR world has an ongoing hunger for information as it grapples with a hiring climate where many applicants will do whatever it takes to get noticed. We are extremely grateful to all participants for investing their time and helping us to shine a brighter light on these issues.

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