Less Security Checkpoint Screening for Airline Personnel


According to The Baltimore Sun:

“New security screening procedures will be tested at O’Hare International Airport starting this summer to allow pilots to speed through checkpoints without undergoing scans or pat-downs, officials said.

It’s a first step toward transitioning to a more logical risk-based screening and away from the current system of treating pilots and passengers as equal potential security threats, according to the Transportation Security Administration

Expedited screening of flight attendants, who undergo less rigorous security and background checks than pilots during the hiring process, will occur later, officials said.”

Really?  Hasn’t the TSA learned anything from the recent incident at Miami International Airport where an illegal immigrant from Guyana was found working as a flight attendant?  This person was able to get this job using a stolen identity and his deception was not uncovered during the background screening process – it only came to light after the identity theft victim attempted to apply for food stamps and was denied because government records matched his SSN to the airline job.

I think before the TSA grants less rigorous security to airline personnel, they need to work with the airlines to ensure incidents like this don’t happen! 

New screening will let pilots fly through security