Job Seekers Risk Identity Theft When Applying for Jobs

admin, a free online CV, conducted an experiment during National Identity Fraud Protection Week (UK) which showed that job seekers are risking identity theft when sending their CV’s to potential employers.  iProfile placed an advertisement in the newspaper for a position with a fake company just to see how many applicants would forward their CV to the company without first checking that the company was legit.  If certain keywords from the advertisement were searched online, it would take them to a web page which stated that the company was fake.  According to Rick Bacon, CEO of iProfile, “We were shocked to find that 68% of people sent their CV into our fake job advert without doing any background checks first.”

According to this article:

“Typically, criminals need just three out of fifteen key pieces of information to commit identity fraud – the average CV received as part of the experiment contained eight pieces of information. 61 CVs (57%) included a date of birth, despite this no longer being a requirement due to age discrimination laws, and 98 (91.5%) included a full address. A further 20 (19%) put others at risk by providing full details of references. One even included the applicant’s passport number and national insurance details.”

If this experiment tells us anything, it’s that checking out the companies one is applying to is equally as important as companies checking out the applicants they are looking to hire.  It’s all about protecting oneself from a harm that could easily be avoided with a simple background check.  Also, it wouldn’t hurt to re-evaluate what information is included on the CV or resume.  I really can’t think of a good reason why any company would need your passport number…

Click here to read “ warns job hunters to secure their CVs to protect against identity theft

  • Jak

    My sister actually had a very bad experience when applying for jobs years ago. Somehow, someone got her personal info and opened up a credit card-spending quickly! Since then my family and I have identity theft protection through SOLUS. Their website is This gives us piece of mind of knowing we are protected-no matter what!