Job Seekers Beware: Criminals Are Targeting You


The last thing any job seeker wants or needs at a time like this is someone taking advantage of their situation for personal gain.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently 11.1 million U.S. citizens unemployed.  This has created a virtual breeding ground for identity thieves and other criminals looking to take advantage of the job seekers’ desperation over finding employment.  Those surfing the web looking for jobs and/or job leads need to be very careful when it comes to sending any organization or individual personal information about themselves.

We have written extensively about the topic of identity theft and have provided sound advice to both employers and job seekers on ways to protect their sensitive information.  employeescreenIQ’s Rob Thomson just wrote an article on this topic called “Don’t Let Someone Take Credit For (From) You!” which has been published in our most recent edition of The Verifier.  We’ve also maintained an ongoing blog thread about identity theft as it relates to both consumers and employers.  There is no limit on the amount of information available for consumers looking to protect their personal information or for those whose identities and/or bank accounts have already been compromised.  Thieves are counting on the  uninformed in order for their ploy to succeed.  Don’t give them the upper hand!

Local Contractor Gets Scammed While Looking For Work

By Neda Iranpour, Channel 2 News – January 12, 2008

As the economy spirals downward so does Dennis Hunter’s hope to line up new work. Not many people are looking to have security systems installed these days. “(I am an) installer of Direct TV and installer of home security systems, it fell apart I’ve been out of work now for a month and a half.”

So Dennis checks web sites like daily. He came across an ad for experienced handymen or contractors. It sent him to”I didn’t see anything that seemed illegitimate.”

He was told to submit information for a background check, “they’ve got my driver’s license, my social security number and my address. They’ve got access to my entire world.”

He gave up his personal info, in exchange for leads for work within 48 hours.”It’s right on the website, within 48 hours they’re going to give you work, but I never saw a thing.”

Turns out Dennis was not alone. He got several e-mails from other contractors who never got any leads for jobs either. Some people wrote “this is a scam,” while another email warned contractors “to check your bank accounts.”

$100 was taken out of Dennis’ account, twice without his permission. “When you give into the wrong individual, now what? You try to do legit work and you get bit in the rear.”

Dennis closed out his debit card and his bank says their fraud investigation team will look into this.

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