A Case for Continuous Screening

Jason Morris

Screening your employees before they get hired is the norm.  Utilizing new tools to screen your employees after they are employed is gaining momentum.  Services such as IQ Review have been available for a few years.  If you are a loyal reader you know we don’t use our blog for shameless plugs, however, its a nice tie in to the story below!  Let this serve as a lesson to employers to utilize all the employment screening tools available to you.

UGA Employee Kept Working Despite Facing Felony Theft Charge

A University employee, working as a computer specialist with access to student Social Security numbers, continued to work in the Registrar’s Office for almost a year despite facing a felony theft by deception charge that in April resulted in a guilty plea yielding a 10-year prison term.

William Ora Mullen accepted a plea deal on April 28, the same day he submitted his letter of resignation to the University.

But, it was not until May 6, nearly a week after the plea and 10 months after he was originally charged, that the University learned the details behind Mullen’s sudden resignation. Mullen informed the Office of Legal Affairs of his guilty plea, and within hours Registrar Rebecca Macon removed his access to University servers and databases, and had all passwords changed.

“When he notified us [of the conviction], we took him out of the office and we were done with him,” Tom Jackson, vice president of Public Affairs, told The Red & Black. “According to Rebecca Macon he used some vacation hours but was not in the office once he reported the violation.”

At that point, the University was in scramble mode. Mullen was given half sick days on May 6 and 8 and full sick days on May 11 and 12. On May 7, Macon accepted Mullen’s vague resignation letter.

In it, Mullen wrote “this decision is unfortunately not of my own choosing and is necessary considering my current situation.”


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