Judge Denies Convicted Felon’s Request to Change Name


Great call!  If this name change would have been granted, it may have made it difficult to find this man’s felony convictions in a background check should his given name not appear on the SSN trace (within 7-10 years time and only if he did not use that name during that time period for any financial reason).

Man Loses Bid To Become ‘Count Of Monte Cristo’

Rape Acquittal Inspired Man’s Desire To Change Name

Newsnet5.com, September 10, 2008

DAYTON, Ohio — A southwest Ohio judge has ruled that a man acquitted of rape cannot adopt the name of the lead character in a famous novel about wrongful imprisonment and revenge.

Former Miami University student Jason Landis wanted to legally change his name to Edmond Dantes, the character who becomes “The Count of Monte Cristo” in the 19th century book by Alexander Dumas.

Miami County Probate Judge Lynnita Wagner rejected Landis’ request in documents filed Tuesday. She said his desire to distance himself from the 2005 rape charge is trumped by the right of the public and officials to easily connect him to convictions he has on felony drug charges and a misdemeanor sex offense.