Ex-Con Is Now Prince Charles’ Window-Washer


Does every person convicted of a crime deserve a second chance?  I’m going to make a generalization here and assume that most people would say it depends on the type of crime committed and how long ago the conviction occurred.  This is a decision every employer must weigh should they receive a not-so-stellar background check result on a candidate.

Well, it appears that Prince Charles has decided to give an ex-con a position at one of his estates.  According to this article, a background check was not conducted on this person (which of course we do not recommend) but the employee has been forthcoming with his past insisting he is a changed man.  Can people change?  I’d like to think so.  Is it possible that every ex-con out there can change for the better?  Most certainly not!  But I’m not ready to discount every single one of them just yet.

But back to the issue at hand.  Every day employers must weigh the pros and cons of every potential candidate vying for a position at their company.  This becomes especially difficult when there is a criminal past involved.  The only advice I can give to those employers would be to look at the type of crime committed, how long ago it took place, whether or not that conviction has any bearing on the type of job responsibilities the candidate would have, and what their legal department’s policies and procedures are when hiring someone with a criminal past.  Of course, should you hire this person, there is no guarantee that it will work out the way you want it to.  That will happen with the best of candidates too.  Making good hiring decisions is not an easy job.  But if you do your due diligence with the background checking process and follow consistent hiring practices, you should be able to keep your head above water.

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