Cowboys May Give Pacman Jones Another Chance


Every so often, we at employeescreenIQ like to have a little bit of fun with the question “What would a background check on (insert name) look like?”  We’ve tackled O.J. Simpson (no pun intended), the fictional character of 24‘s Jack Bauer and even our own Jason Morris (but keep in mind he wrote that one himself so I’d triple check those facts!).  Occasionally, however, members of the news media do the work for us.  Accordingly, we have the case(s) of Adam “Pacman” Jones, former defensive player for the Tenessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys.

Mr. Jones has made some poor choices in his personal life that have had a significant adverse effect on his professional career.  The whole reason for this timeline of events is that the Cowboys are looking to give him yet another chance at redemption.  If your employee had the same history, would you do the same?

Pacman Jones Arrest Record: His Greatest Hits

By Mike McD, Bleacher Report – June 8, 2009

Reports are coming in that the Dallas Cowboys are thinking of bringing Adam “Pacman” Jones back to the team.

On paper, that may not be a terrible idea.  Jones has shown that he can be a solid defender and a dangerous punt returner.  Off the field, however, Pacman has not exactly proven himself to be a good, upstanding citizen.

He has more arrests than he does career interceptions.  That’s really all you need to say.

Let’s take a look at the kind of trouble Jones has gotten into.

July 13, 2005

He was arrested and charged with felony vandalism after an altercation at a nightclub.  Pacman doesn’t waste any time making himself familiar with the nightclub scene.

I also love how press releases always say nightclub, but we all know it was a strip club.  How tame was it that all he got busted for was vandalism?  Grade: C-

October 2005

Jones fails to check in with his probation officer and has his sentence extended for an extra 90 days.

Jones claimed that he couldn’t get reception, that it always went to voicemail every time he called, that his probation officer was screening his calls, and that he totally lost his phone and actually just found it.  He was ignored.  Grade: D+