3 Background Screening Practices to Prevent Casino Employee Theft

Alex Krokos

Casino employee theft

Is your business being sabotaged by its own employees?

For many employers in the gaming industry, the answer to this question may be a surprising one. Research shows that almost half of all losses in casinos is due to employee theft. In casinos, theft can happen in many different places, from the cashier cage to the vault rooms to the casino floor.

Material theft isn’t the only kind of theft that employees can commit. Time theft, when employees are supposed to be working but are loitering or doing personal things without anyone knowing, is another serious problem in the workplace. In the United States, it is estimated that employee time theft costs employers almost six full weeks of an average employee’s salary every year.

Completely preventing theft is nearly impossible. Even an employer who takes every precaution may still get burned by theft, especially in the field of gaming where money flows so openly throughout the business. Fortunately for casino owners and operators, there are background screening best practices that can help minimize the chance of employee theft.

Perform Criminal Background Checks

A job candidate’s criminal background doesn’t have to govern his or her future, but it can give you some insight into their character or any potential risks a past record might cause. An employee with several violations relating to theft or other crimes that involve dishonesty may not be the right fit for a casino environment. It’s imperative that you find a background screening provider that can provide an accurate and comprehensive look at a candidate’s criminal background. Many employers have been swindled by an employee for money or other assets, only to discover later that the employee had a criminal record with this kind of activity—and that record was never identified during the background screening process.

Verify Past Employment

Another key background screening practice that might help determine if a candidate would be a good fit is employment verification. By confirming the information on a candidate’s resume you can determine:

1. If they have the experience you’re looking for.

2. If they are honest.

Knowing if a candidate was transparent about their qualifications on their resume may be telling of their personality and character. If a resume verification reveals that they were prone to lying about their employment or even education, they might not be the most trustworthy employee.

Pre-Employment Credit Check

Casinos are unique in that there aren’t many other workplaces where employees are so frequently around thousands of dollars in cash. In a business where money is handled often, employers must be sure that they check out an employee’s financial history. A pre-employment credit report is not used in most employment background checks, but it might be useful to ensure that prospective hires don’t have a large amount of outstanding debt. A bad financial picture can be a warning sign that an employee could be at risk for committing theft.

At the end of the day, it’s essential that you ensure you have a screening provider that conducts comprehensive employment background checks, allowing you to make smarter hiring decisions. When you make better hiring decisions, you will help the gaming industry remain successful armed with the right employees and also protect your business from unnecessary risk.


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