8/15/2014 Georgia Courthouse Destroyed By Fire: Hancock County


Hancock County Court Destroyed by Fire: Criminal Background Checks

The Court House in Hancock Georgia has been completely destroyed due to a fire.   The Court is currently setting up a temporary location at the Oconee Technical College and hopes to be open to the public this Monday.  Unfortunately, all of the ledger books, where they maintain their conviction records, were destroyed in the fire.  The only cases that will available are the cases that had been backed up on the off-site server.  The clerks cannot tell us what the scope of that information is at this time.  Unfortunately, those seeking to conduct employment background checks in Hancock County will be in limbo until they are back up and running and have ascertained how much information had been backed up.

We are actively seeking to gather further updates and will provide them to you as we receive them.

UPDATE 8/19/2014

Unfortunately, the temporary court location was not set up today as we had hoped.  We have spoken to a clerk and they don’t have an ETA as to when case information will be available to the public.  We will actively seek updates and provide them to you as we have them.

UPDATE 8/28/2014

Court officials have established a temporary facility and public access terminals are in place. We are now able to perform research from this location.