8/29/2011 Criminal Background Checks Delayed Due to Hurricane Irene


As you might expect, we are receiving numerous notifications of court closures due to the damages and flooding caused by Hurricane Irene.  Here’s what we have so far for closures on Monday, August 29, 2011.

Vermont – All courts closed.   Montpelier is flooded so there may a lengthy delay throughout the state.

New Hampshire – So far, we are only aware of closures in Cheshire, Grafton, Rockingham, Sullivan and Coosand counties and the Keene District Court.

New York – The following courts are closed until further notice: Schenectady, Greene, Ulster, Orange, Essex, Clinton, Delaware.

Connecticut – So far, we haven’t been able to reach the courts.  Stay tuned.

New Jersey – All courts closed.

Maine – Late openings due to Administrative week.  No storm related delays.

This is a fluid situation, so please stay tuned for further updates as events unfold.