8/18/2009 California Court Closures


Scheduled California Court Closures

Due to recent budget cuts the following California Counties will be closing on the third Wednesday of each month, which will necessarily cause corresponding delays in index and case information results.

Yolo and Orange counties will begin their monthly closure schedule on August 19. There might be other counties that begin this month as well, but as of yet, we haven’t been able to verify.

All of the following counties are scheduled to begin their monthly closures starting September 16.

Alameda, Kern, Los Angeles, Lake, Monterey, Napa, Santa Cruz, San Diego, San Francisco, & Solano.*Judicial Council Approves Reallocation of $159 Million to Support Trial Courts](http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/presscenter/newsreleases/NR40-09.PDF)

We have been notified that other counties have indicated they may adopt closures but have yet to formally do so.