4/25/2014 Staff Shortages in Santa Cruz, California Delay Background Checks


Our court researches in Santa Cruz, California have notified us that county criminal research has been taking substantially longer than normal over the past month.  Criminal record searches in this county can only be performed by court clerks.  As a result of budget constraints and shorthanded staff, the turnaround time can be 2 – 5 business days and sometimes up to approximately 2 weeks.

Multiple clerks perform these searches.  While some clerks search within a reasonable amount of time, others take considerably longer.  Consequently, lists are often returned out of order so it is possible to obtain results on searches submitted 4 days ago while searches submitted 5 or 6 days ago will remain outstanding.

Sometimes lists turn up missing on occasion.  Unfortunately, due to rules imposed by the court, researchers are not allowed to inquire about a list within 5 days of submission to the court.

We will continue to stay on top of this situation and provide personal notifications if you are affected.  In the meantime, we recommend that you build time into your hiring process if you know you will be requesting research in Santa Cruz.