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    One of the principle goals of created the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) system was to create a centralized database for those that employ people to work with children (such as schools).  Well, we’ve said it before and this latest incident helps illustrate why the CORI search gives people a false sense of security when it comes to background checks.

    A teacher in Weymouth, MA charged with hitting a student is also facing charges of assault and battery charges stemming from a domestic violence issue.  The school district performed a criminal background check through the CORI system and no record of criminal activity was found.  However, if the school would have performed a background check in the county where the charges were brought, they most certainly would have known about the record.

    Is the school at fault?  I don’t think so.  They have been told that the CORI system is the way to go.  Tell that to the parents of the student who was hit.  I find it hard to believe the school would have hired this person if they had known.

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