The How and Why of Background Checks: The Proactive Employer Podcast

Nick Fishman

I was recently interviewed by Stephanie R. Thomas, PhD, from The Proactive Employer, about how organizations currently use background checks, how they respond to adverse findings, their greatest concerns, and what lies ahead .

Background checks are a critical component of the hiring process for many organizations, helping to protect employers, their employees and their customers. But many organizations struggle with the question of how to conduct background screening in a universally acceptable manner. In an age of increased litigation and legislation, employment background screening isn’t as simple as it once was.

Aside from the amplified legal risks, employers are struggling to filter through all of the information that’s now available. Many are asking, should we use social media? If we do, what should we do with that information? How concerned should we be about distorted or exaggerated information on a candidate’s resume? What about candidates with criminal records – what are our obligations?

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