EmployeeScreenIQ’s Top 15 Background Screening Stories of 2013

Nick Fishman

With a new year just around the corner, there’s no better way to move forward than to reflect on the events, challenges, and growth of the past year. Particularly for the background screening industry and HR professionals, it’s essential to learn from these stories to prepare for the challenges ahead in 2014. Some of our top stories include the misuse of employment background checks, the ban the box movement, and screening candidates on social media. Keep the lessons in these stories under consideration as you move forward with your background screening program in 2014.

EmployeeScreenIQ's Top Background Screening Stories 2013

1. EEOC Targets Dollar General and BMW for Criminal Background Checks

The EEOC continued its crusade to fight discrimination by way of litigation against Dollar General and BMW. Take a closer look at the claims and what employers need to know. Read More

2. Texas Takes on the EEOC: The Case You’ve Been Waiting For

Texas is took on the EEOC claiming that the latest guidelines unlawfully limit the ability of employers to exclude convicted felons from employment. Read More

3. Cha-Ching! K-Mart to Pay $3 Million to Settle Background Check Claims

Charged with background screening violations in relation to adverse action notifications, employers need to be increasingly aware of compliance risks in 2014. Read More

4. In Defense of Common Sense: Lessons from the Freeman Case Dismissal

This past summer, U.S. District Judge Roger W. Titus slammed the EEOC, dismissing the agency’s discrimination case against Freeman. Read More

5. Counting to Seven: The 7 Year Rule for Reporting Adverse Information on a Background Check

How do you count to seven? According to a recent brief by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission, your count may be wrong. Read More

6. Snoop No More: New Social Media Policy Introduced in Congress

The social media privacy debate continued to rage throughout 2013–and Congress also took up the reins. Read More

7. Watch Where You Step: 5 Sticky Legal Situations Employers Should Avoid

Angela Preston, VP of Compliance & General Counsel at EmployeeScreenIQ gives her top 5 legal landmines in hiring and background screening earlier in 2013. Read More

8. Will Federal Government Shutdown Affect Employment Background Checks?

While we knew the majority of background screening services would be unaffected, we wondered if we would still have access to Federal Criminal Background Checks. Take a look at how the government shutdown affected employer’s background check results. Read More

9. Modern Day Blacklisting? Retail Databases Under Scrutiny

It is not used in a traditional background check—it is a proprietary tool called Esteem that is owned by a private company and was built by contributions from the retailers themselves. Read More

10. Who Should Have Access to Background Check Results?

EmployeeScreenIQ VP of Compliance and General Counsel, Angela Preston, responds to a frequent question we receive–who’s legally allowed to see the results of an employment background check? Read More

11. Jumping Aboard the “Ban” Wagon: Seattle, Buffalo and Minnesota Agree to Ban-the-Box

While none of these laws prohibit criminal background checks outright, they do place limits on when and how background checks can be performed. Similarities to the EEOC guidance on criminal background checks abound. Read More

12. “Ban the Box” Bandwagon Rolls On

Since its inception, the movement to “ban the box” has shown no signs of slowing down. In this article, we discuss locations ban the box affected in the beginning of 2013.  Read More

13. Conducting Employment Background Checks in Texas? 5 Things You Need to Know

Want to conduct comprehensive criminal background checks in the state of Texas? These 5 simple tips will have you on your way. Read More

14. Are We There Yet? Court Delays Slow Background Screening for Employers

We’ve noticed a trend that it is taking longer to verify criminal background checks that contain records and even worse-possible records. Find out what court delays have meant for employers this year. Read More

15. Liar, Liar. Are Job Seekers Hiring Professional Liars to Verify Resumes?

Employers, you may expect a few lies in the hundreds of resumes you receive. However, you might not expect applicants to lie on their resume and ensure the lie can be verified. Read More

Do you want to improve your background screening program in 2014? Download our guide, Time for a Wake Up Call: Are Your Criminal Background Checks Giving You a False Sense of Security? to find out if it’s time to evaluate your program next year.

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