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Nick Fishman

Candidate Experience Background Checks

Behind every employment background check is the employer who requested it, and behind every request is a nervous job candidate. It’s important to remember that each background check represents a real person seeking a job, and that the information reported could make or break a job opportunity. Our panelists address the essential role background screening plays in creating a red carpet experience for every candidate. In addition, they share the steps employers should take to ensure their screening program meets this high standard.

As an employer, you might wonder, how can I ensure that my candidates have a positive experience? While you’re probably not conducting the background checks yourself, you should follow a few key steps to calm your candidate’s nerves.

As a background screening provider, we keep the impact that our services have on individuals at the forefront of our minds. Hiring managers conduct a background check to qualify candidates for a position. The experience candidates have could affect the company as these candidates might be customers of the company where they apply. If they have a negative experience, there’s no doubt that they will tell everyone they know—which could directly impact your brand. At the end of the day, we want to help employers provide job candidates with the best possible experience as it relates to employment background checks.

How do you create a positive candidate experience?

1. Transparency

  • For our clients, we work with them to ensure they are ordering the services that they really need. In addition, we encourage clients to share with their candidates the kind of background check they are doing as well as the information they are looking for. Candidates might have questions too, so we want to equip employers to answer those questions.

2. Accuracy

  • As a key part of our company mission and No Shortcuts philosophy, EmployeeScreenIQ works to provide the most accurate background check results. Related to the candidate experience, we want to assure clients that we are giving them the most accurate report so that the results do not lead to a candidate disputing the information, which could prolong the hiring process.
  • If inaccurate information is reported, it’s important to inform applicants that they will have the opportunity to dispute information. This includes sending pre-adverse and adverse action notifications.

3. Disputes

  • If there is a dispute, be sure to provide frequent updates to your candidate.
  • Make sure that your background screening provider is addressing the dispute in a timely fashion and is responsive to your candidate.

So employers, the bottom line is that you should recognize that applicants are nervous—whether or not they have something to hide. Be transparent about the process with applicants and also ensure that you are receiving the most accurate results from your screening provider. And if you do see recurring problems, it might be time to reevaluate your provider. And lastly, be understanding about disputes—sometimes you can’t leave a position open for very long, but in some cases, the applicant’s information could be incorrect and you want to allow time so that the dispute can be settled.

Quick Takes is a video series blending together bits of experience and expertise from EmployeeScreenIQ’s background screening experts. With a newsroom feel, discussions surround the latest issues in the background screening industry. All of the videos were filmed unscripted-giving you the opportunity to hear genuine responses from the professionals. Topics range from social media background checks to conducting a thorough criminal records search. We’re releasing a new video every month, so stay tuned.

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