Why Background Screening Compliance is the New 800-Pound Gorilla



Want to know how your peers and competitors are handling their employment screening process? What their greatest screening challenges are? And what they’re doing to stay compliant with “ban the box” legislation—or perhaps what they’re failing to do?

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Are You Scaring Away Your Best Candidates? Get It Right Before, During, and After a Background Check


Word travels fast – especially when it comes to your candidates. Roughly, 65% of candidates who have a negative experience will tell others. But did you know that the way you handle your background screening process might just be scaring them away?

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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: An Employer’s Guide to Effective Resume Verification


Is that resume in your hand the real deal? Or is it peppered with white lies – or even more serious inaccuracies such as falsified academic credentials or a fabricated work history? To ensure your Mr. or Ms. Perfect isn’t really a Pinocchio in disguise, watch our complimentary webinar, Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: An Employer’s Guide to Effective Resume Verification.

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My Candidate Has a Criminal Record. Now What?


When a background check reveals that your job candidate has a criminal record, how do you respond? Company hiring practices have fallen under increased government scrutiny and it’s critical that you understand the implications of your actions – and have a proactive process in place to address these unique hiring situations.

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Screening Job Candidates Through Social Media

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 8.10.06 AM
This webinar addresses three essential legal concerns: privacy, discrimination and accuracy. And for those that lean toward using this practice, we provide the seven do’s and don’ts of social media screening. With differing views on this trend, our webinar will speak to both sides and help you answer the question-do the rewards outweigh the risks when screening candidates on social media?

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Job Applicants Do the Darndest Things: How HR Can Spot Candidates Who Game the System


Sadly, background check horror stories are more common than you think. Don’t let it happen to you! Drawing from 13 years of experience, EmployeeScreenIQ’s webinar explains how to ensure accurate criminal background checks.

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