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Weekly Wrap Up-December 21, 2012


Things are quickly winding down for the year at EmployeeScreenIQ, and we’re excited (much like Ralphie from A Christmas Story) for what’s to come in 2013. We’ve had quite a few blog posts this week that you might have missed in the hustle and bustle of the end of the month and the end of the year. Something I would like to highlight in particular is that our Employment Background Screening Trends Survey is awaiting your participation (and even better, we’ve extended the deadline through January)! As proven in 2011, our survey is a great resource for us and others in our industry. I’m not even sure where to begin wrapping up this last week because there are an overabundance of exciting stories on our blog.  I recommend taking a ten minute break from your work and scroll down our blog page. Some of the stories from this past week include, Recruiting On Social Networks: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of 2012, an important update with ban the box in Pittsburgh and the results of a CareerBuilder survey showcasing the costliness of bad hires. Thanks for reading throughout this year and happy holidays!

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Diploma Mill Ordered to Pay $22.7 Million for Fake Degrees

Canterbury Degree

What do 30,500 unsuspecting Americans and I have in common?  We’ve all purchased fake degrees from a diploma mill (see mine above).  However, in their case, they didn’t know that the degree was fake.

The Eastern District of Michigan federal court has ordered the proprietor of Belford High School and Belford University to pay $22.7 million as part of a class action suit brought on by the 30,500 people that bought the phony diplomas.  And while this would seem to be a victory for the class, that money is most likely long gone.

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Have You Chosen Wisely? Resume Fraud

I have been neglecting my blogging duties as of late and for that, you should be grateful! However, every so often I come across something that I feel passionate about. Today is one of those days as I have just come across an article that every job seeker should read. It’s about choices.

In this story, Steve was presented with an option. Lie on his resume and pretty much be guaranteed a job, or tell the truth and actually prove himself and his skills. Steve was more than qualified for a job but a recruiter told him that unless he made up a degree, the employer would likely pass. What did Steve do? Steve owned it! I love this guy, I love his story!

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Your Applicant Did What? Background Screening Webinar on Candidate Deceptions

Screenshot of webinar - Job Applicants Do the Darndest Things: How HR Can Spot Candidates Who Game the System

Earlier this week we had a wonderful panel discussion about the things job applicants will do to game the system when it comes to employee background checks.  The discussion was led by EmployeeScreenIQ’s Nick Fishman and Kevin Bachman, Ellen Goldsmith, SVP of HR at Fremantle Media North America, Lisa Kaye, Founder and CEO of and Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer at iCIMS and we all had an opportunity to share some great background screening stories and advice for what HR can do to spot background check deceptions.

In case you missed it, we wanted to give you an opportunity to download the recording (see link below).

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Yahoo! CEO Steps Down After Resume Lie


We wondered in this very blog just a week ago if Yahoo! CEO, Scott Thompson could maintain his post at the company after it was discovered that he lied about his academic qualifications.  Thompson claimed to have a degree in Accounting and Computer Science from Stone Hill College.  While he did have the Accounting degree, the school didn’t even offer a Computer Science degree until after he graduated.

As if we didn’t all know the outcome of this story, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Thompson stepped down over the weekend.  And as we here more and more about the details, this is looking very George O’Leary-ean.  Who can forget the Notre Dame head coach who lasted about 5 days on the job until it was reported that he lied about his educational background?

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Does Elizabeth Warren Lying About Her Race Equate to Resume Fraud?

Chalk this story up to something a background screening provider most likely will not do now or in the future: ethnicity testing.

Massachusetts Republican party leaders are calling for Harvard University to investigate faculty member and U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren for lying about her ethnicity.  Warren claimed that she was Native American which GOP leader Bob Maginn says is unsubstantiated.  And because he believes that she got her job with the university because of her ethnicity claims, he believes this is academic fraud.

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