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Employers Say Job Candidates Should Re-Think Resume Embellishments

Nearly 600 human resources professionals opened up to EmployeeScreenIQ about how they use employment background checks to make hiring decisions and their candid feedback is detailed in our just-released, fifth annual survey of U.S. based employers. The new report looks at how companies manage the process of employment screening, their practices concerning Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) guidance, candidates’ self-disclosure of criminal records and how they address adverse findings.

In the past few years, the EmployeeScreenIQ Trends Survey has become a benchmark many employers use to evaluate their background screening policies and practices. This year’s survey provides a unique cross-section of opinions and insights from an assortment of organizations and is a must-read for HR professionals that want to learn about what their industry peers are doing.

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This Week in Employment Background Checks: April 11, 2014

Background Screening Trends

Just last week we released the results of our 5th Annual Survey Report entitled, The Unvarnished Truth: 2014 Top Trends in Employment Background Checks. Our survey report shares the top screening trends based on the opinions of nearly 600 HR professionals, who responded from November 2013 through January 2014. You can download the report here. Nick shared vital information for employers that conduct background checks in the state of New York in State of New York to Withhold Certain Criminal Records. And most recently, we shared a post on a not-so-frequent topic—the re-screening of employees. A one-time pre-employment background check might not be all your company needs, for more information read Once a Winner, Not Always a Winner: 3 Reasons to Re-Screen Employees. The Unvarnished Truth: 2014 Top Trends in Employment Background Checks

Nearly 600 human resources professionals opened up to EmployeeScreenIQ about how they use employment background checks to make hiring decisions and their candid feedback is detailed in our just-released, fifth annual survey of U.S. based employers. Read More (more…)

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A Resume Lie Will Come Back to Haunt You—Just Ask NCAA Basketball Coach Steve Masiello

Resume Lies

A little resume lie never hurt anyone…right? Tell that to Steve Masiello, most recently a coach at Manhattan College, now on leave due to a potential discrepancy on his resume. It’s been 14 years since he supposedly graduated with a degree in Communications from the University of Kentucky, where he played for the Wildcats from 1996-2000.

While being screened for a coaching position at the University of South Florida, they conducted a resume verification on Masiello and inevitably discovered that he did not earn the degree listed on his resume. This discrepancy could be a blatant lie or perhaps a misunderstanding, but either way keep reading to find out how this discrepancy remained hidden for so long.

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HR’s Guide to Avoiding a Hiring Horror Story

Background Check Company

You know that feeling when you’re watching a horror movie? That creeping feeling of anticipation, knowing that at any minute something will go wrong? If you think horror movies are scary, just imagine how a hiring horror story might feel for your company. Maybe a candidate’s criminal record wasn’t found in the screening process…or you didn’t send an adverse action notice to your applicant and now you have a lawsuit breathing down your neck. And you’re left wondering, how could this happen?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—an employment background check is only as effective as the background screening provider behind the results. Are you confident that your company is receiving the most accurate results? You rely on these results to ensure that you’re making informed hiring decisions and that the candidate you choose is the best fit for the position. Are you placing your trust in less-than-reliable background check results?

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EmployeeScreenIQ’s Top 15 Background Screening Stories of 2013

With a new year just around the corner, there’s no better way to move forward than to reflect on the events, challenges, and growth of the past year. Particularly for the background screening industry and HR professionals, it’s essential to learn from these stories to prepare for the challenges ahead in 2014. Some of our top stories include the misuse of employment background checks, the ban the box movement, and screening candidates on social media. Keep the lessons in these stories under consideration as you move forward with your background screening program in 2014.

EmployeeScreenIQ's Top Background Screening Stories 2013 1. EEOC Targets Dollar General and BMW for Criminal Background Checks

The EEOC continued its crusade to fight discrimination by way of litigation against Dollar General and BMW. Take a closer look at the claims and what employers need to know. Read More

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Background Checks in the Golden State of California: What Employers Should Know


A background check is a background check, right? Regardless of city or state? One could argue, yes, aside from a few variations, the basics are the same from one location to another. However, due to the fact that there are both State and Federal screening laws, employers must comply with both sets of laws when conducting employment background checks. Specifically, several states have laws and considerations for background checks, and employers should be aware of these.

One example is the state of California, where there are some unique laws and guidelines that employers should know in relation to background screening.

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EmployeeScreenIQ Wrap Up: July 26, 2013

As July is quietly coming to a close, it seems we are due for another Weekly Wrap Up. We’ve posted quite a bit in the past couple weeks, so here’s a recap for those who have been busy vacationing or were otherwise preoccupied. We officially released another video from our Quick Takes series, Is a Candidate’s Profile Picture Worth a Thousand Words? This video focuses on the use of social media screening in the hiring process. Find out what our panelists had to say about using this important tool for job candidates. At the end of last week, I shared a blog post regarding the use of resume verifications and advice for employers to ensure you find resume lies, when they are present on a job application. For more, read Liar, Liar. Are Job Seekers Hiring Professional Liars to Verify Resumes? Nick posted a useful guide to the top 10 advocates in our industry (as far as we’re aware), EmployeeScreenIQ’s List of Top 10 Employment Background Screening Advocates. Miss anything else? View our full blog site for more posts from your very own background screening experts.

  EmployeeScreenIQ’s List of Top 10 Employment Background Screening AdvocatesTop 10 Employment Background Screening Advocates

It’s no secret that the employment background screening industry has been under intense scrutiny over the past few years from revised EEOC guidance on employers’ use of criminal records, to fines for Fair Credit Reporting Act violations, to myriad states creation of “Ban the Box” laws. And while we support actions that hold our industry and employers accountable for complying with these laws and maintaining the highest ethical standards, we also think that the employer’s we represent should be praised for the work they do to keep our nation’s workplaces safe. Read More

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Liar, Liar. Are Job Seekers Hiring Professional Liars to Verify Resumes?

Resume Verifications

As an employer, you may expect a few lies in the hundreds (or more) resumes you receive. These discrepancies may or may not be intentional — a forgotten end date of employment or job title is average to find on almost any resume. However, you might not expect for applicants to both blatantly lie on their resume and ensure that their lie is verified. It seems like a lot of work for someone who just wants a job offer. Or is it?

As an employer, you most likely verify resumes through a third party–a background screening company, or perhaps you verify this information yourself. Regardless, you hope that one of these methods would uncover any discrepancies on a candidate’s resume. It’s standard to verify education, recent employers and perhaps request a reference or two before offering someone a position. The question is, how can you know how accurate these verifications are?

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What do Indiana University Diving Coach and Dog Have in Common? Fake Degrees


One of my favorite all-time posts is the story we wrote about Chester Ludlow who was awarded a diploma from Rochville University in 2009.  What made it so great?  Chester Ludlow is a dog and Rochville University is a diploma mill used by those without real degrees to pull the wool over unsuspecting hiring managers’ eyes when they conduct employment background checks.  Now, Chester wasn’t really looking to fool anyone.  His owner thought it would be funny to expose this fake university.

Unfortunately, the new diving coach at Indiana University was not so pure of heart when he applied for his position.  Apparently, IU was not fooled by Drew Johansen’s “white lie” and decided to hire him anyway. (more…)

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Why a Date of Birth Means More Than a Birthday

Over two years ago we blogged about the case of an employee involved in workplace violence at The Ohio State University. The OSU employee shot and killed one person and wounded another resulting in a flurry of questions about why the background check did not reveal that this man had a criminal record. It turned out that the employee had intentionally given an incorrect date of birth so that his past record would not be discovered. The moral of the story was that date of birth is vitally important when it comes to a background check and without it, mistakes like this can occur even if a background screening company does everything right. Without the correct date of birth, the background screening company that performed his background check was unable to find his criminal record.

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