EmployeeScreenIQ Joins SterlingBackcheck, One of the World’s Largest Screening Companies


We’re pleased to announce that we have joined SterlingBackcheck, one of the world’s leading background screening companies.

EmployeeScreenIQ and SterlingBackcheck are already united by the desire to provide the highest quality background check services.  By combining their strong customer-driven cultures with sophisticated technologies, SterlingBackcheck and EmployeeScreenIQ can better serve customers around the world with comprehensive screening solutions and services for both pre-hire and post-hire needs.

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Introducing EmployeeScreenIQ’s Team of Bloggers



Raise your hand if like me, you are getting sick of the sound of my voice, or in this case, sick of my writing. I know it’s a rhetorical question, but I will assume most of you (except my mom) are nodding your heads in unison.

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We’re Announcing a Strategic Partnership with SHAKER

EmployeeScreenIQ, a global provider of employment background screening services, today announced details of its new strategic partnership with SHAKER, the market leader in custom simulations for pre-employment testing. The resulting combination of SHAKER’s Virtual Job Tryout® technology and EmployeeScreenIQ’s advanced screening solutions provide the companies’ joint customers with high-level insight into their candidates to make smarter, data-based hiring decisions.

Companies leveraging both SHAKER and EmployeeScreenIQ benefit from some of the most innovative technology solutions to enhance the recruiting talent acquisition process. With SHAKER’s Virtual Job Tryout, an interactive simulation of the on-the-job experience designed to see how candidates will perform if hired, employers benefit from a deep look at their candidates beyond the words listed on the resume. As a result, recruiters and hiring managers can make better-informed decisions about which candidates to advance, based on objective and standardized data from a multi-method evaluation experience that mirrors the complexity of the job.

Once the top candidate for each position is identified and the company is ready to extend an offer, recruiters can then leverage EmployeeScreenIQ’s premium background checks to reveal any acts of irresponsibility, violence, fraud or other deviance that can impact safety and productivity. With a feet-on-the-ground approach and taking no shortcuts, EmployeeScreenIQ scours records in each county nationwide, while leveraging the national Criminal Record Database, to reveal such criminal history or other potential red flags. Therefore, companies can confidentially hire the individuals who pose no risk to their colleagues or customers.

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EmployeeScreenIQ Approved for SHRM Preferred Provider Network

SHRM Preffered Provider Seal

As you may know, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) launched their SHRM Certification program for HR professionals in May, 2014.

Since that time, they have developed a credentialing program which makes recipients recognized experts and leaders in the HR field.  In order to qualify for, and maintain certification recipients must accumulate SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDC’s) which are awarded for continuing education activities.

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Webinar: You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.

Background Screening Webinar

Do you need permission every time you run a background check? Can you drug test a candidate with a medical marijuana prescription? What should you do if you find negative information on a candidate’s social media profile?

The answers to these and other background screening questions are far different in 2015 than in the past.

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Meet the Employment Background Check Experts at the SHRM 2015 Annual Conference


The SHRM 2015 Annual Conference is drawing close (June 27-29, 2015) and we invite you to drop by our Booth #1644 to learn how we can help you make the most informed hiring decisions without gambling on accuracy, quality or compliance.

We’re Bringing the A-Team

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Taking a No Shortcuts Approach to Background Screening

No Shortcuts

An Illinois man recently sued both his former employer and their background screening provider because they errantly reported that he was a registered sex offender, and didn’t take the time to ensure that the record actually belonged to him. The employment background check misidentified the individual, a male in his twenties, as a man in his fifties who had been convicted of sex crimes in states where he had never lived.

Unfortunately, stories like this fuel the perception that employment screening companies don’t care whether they report accurate information or not—and that employers blindly make hiring decisions without allowing candidates to refute the information. However at EmployeeScreenIQ, it further validates our core belief that smarter screening means intelligent hiring.

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Check Out the New EmployeeScreenIQ


Everyone laughs when they see a company announce that it’s redone its website. Trust me, I get it. I’m one of those people. If you’ve done a good job, it’s fairly obvious to the visitor that something has changed.

Today, I’m going to break that unwritten marketing rule because I’m so excited about the major facelift we’ve given to and the new features we’ve built into the site (

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