3 Failures in Background Checks in Denver’s Jail System


Denver’s year-old policy allowing for the disposal of pre-employment background checks in its jail system is garnering more attention for a system already under the microscope. An April 2013 policy allows for the destruction of pre-employment records in as little as three years after the employee is hired. This is only a year above the minimum set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and far below the minimum recommended by Colorado municipal clerks and consultants. Keep reading to learn the three failures of background checks in Denver’s jail system.


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4 Considerations Before Hiring Convicted Felons


While reading Orange is the New Black recently, I was struck by a point the author made about the difficulties prisoners face when they’re finally able to leave prison and re-enter society. After living in an institution that supplies them with a job, food, and place to live, many are unprepared to step back into the “real” world.

For example, the book’s author mentions that because of advantages she had before prison (like a college degree) there was a job waiting for her when she finished her sentence—which was not the case for many prisoners. Many of the women around her did not even have a high school diploma let alone a college degree. And not only did they lack education, but experience. Many of the prisoners had never had real jobs. With little practical job training available in prison, job opportunities have become severely limited for the formerly incarcerated.

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This Week in Employment Background Checks: October 3, 2014


Fall has officially arrived in Northeast Ohio complete with chillier temperatures  and of course, a variety of posts on the IQ Blog. Haven’t had a chance to keep up? See a few of our top posts below in addition to the full blog here. And stay tuned to our blog to hear about our upcoming webinar at the end of October and more! BMW Flips Script on EEOC: Probes Agency’s Background Check Practices

BMW is questioning why EEOC can conduct employment background checks as a reliable exercise in hiring risk management, but questions BMW’s right to do so. Read More

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Jason Morris Presents “My Candidate Has a Criminal Record. Now What?” at the HR Florida Conference


EmployeeScreenIQ president and chief operating officer, Jason B.  Morris will present, “My Candidate Has a Criminal Record. Now What?”  at the HR Florida Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida on October 6,  2014, 4:15pm-5:15pm.

Not a month went by in 2013 without a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against an employer for their background screening practices.

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September BTW: The Sharing Economy, D.C. Ban the Box, and Congress Criticizes the EEOC


For those interested in staying up-to-date with the latest in compliance for pre-employment background screening and the laws that affect your use of employment background checks, follow our publication, BTW: Your Guide to Staying Out of Hot Water. This compliance resource has been created by our VP of Compliance and General Counsel, Angela Preston, and is a must-read for human resources and security professionals. Building a Smarter Sharing Economy with Background Checks

It’s nice to share. At least that’s what we learned as kids. But for some people, sharing is more than just nice—it’s a way to make a buck. I’m talking about the sharing economy, which Forbes estimates at $3.5 billion this year, with growth exceeding 25%. Read More

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Building a Smarter Sharing Economy with Background Checks


It’s nice to share. At least that’s what we learned as kids. But for some people, sharing is more than just nice—it’s a way to make a buck. I’m talking about the sharing economy, which Forbes estimates at $3.5 billion this year, with growth exceeding 25%.  

For the uninitiated, in very simple terms, the sharing economy is a model where you loan out your stuff for a fee. It’s access over ownership. And the more we experiment with sharing as a business, the more participants are challenged by legal concerns, regulation, and operational details. Since one of the basic tenants of sharing is trust in the person and the product being shared, it’s time for some segments of the sharing economy to adopt a process that other business models have already embraced and acknowledged as a necessity—I’m talking about background checks. (more…)

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Employers’ Hands are Tied: New Washington D.C. Law Goes Beyond Ban the Box


With over a year of debate and some last minute amendments, the District of Columbia’s Council passed a ban-the-box law that includes its own unique list of considerations before an employer can withdraw an offer of employment based on criminal history.

Council vote was 12-1; only Chairman Phil Mendelson (D) voted against the bill. In an interview, Mendelson said that he supports the “basic thrust” of the legislation but that late amendments were “troublesome,” giving ex-offenders greater rights in the hiring process than other citizens. “This goes way beyond ‘ban the box’ and into telling businesses how to hire,” he said. “How much do we want to regulate how a business wants to hire somebody?” Exactly. (more…)

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Ride-Sharing Companies Feeling the Strain of Background Checks in California

background checks ride-sharing

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the three big ride-sharing services, Sidecar, Uber and Lyft, have received warning letters from the district attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles. The letters focus on two components of the ride-sharing business: background checks and car-pooling features. The D.A.s claim that the companies’ practices violate California law, and they’re threatening them with civil penalties and injunctions. Ironically, California is the home state for all three companies, and the place where ride sharing first became popular. (more…)

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The Top 5 Reasons to Use Employment Background Checks in Detroit

Employment Background Checks in Detroit

As an employer in Detroit, Michigan, you probably already know that running a business in our current job economy means that there is an overabundance of job candidates with few viable hires at times. In addition, you shouldn’t have to worry that one of your trusted employees could put your company at risk. In a city with such high crime statistics such as Detroit, it pays to be thorough with your employment background checks. (more…)

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Compliance Services Could Save Your Background Screening Program

Background Checks Is Your Company at Risk for a Fall?

Everywhere you turn it seems there’s another compliance hazard threatening your company’s background screening program. So how do you protect your company, employees, and candidates?

Our guide, Protect Your Company from Hidden Compliance Traps with EmployeeScreenIQ, provides a checklist crucial for safeguarding your screening program.

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