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5 Questions Employers Should Be Asking Their Background Check Provider


Clients ask a lot of questions. How long do background checks take? How much do they cost? Can we integrate with their Applicant Tracking System? (Yes). Is my data safe? (Yes again).

At EmployeeScreenIQ, we pride ourselves on answering client questions. Keep them coming! But one thing we’ve noticed over the years is the questions have become more tactical, more about impact to a pre-existing piece of technology or administrative workload. They are really important questions, but I don’t have as many strategic conversations about background checks anymore. As questions have become more diverse, they have also strayed from what I think is the primary objective of any screening program. How do I do the best, fastest, most cost effective and compliant background check possible?

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New York City Council Passes Ban the Box

New York City

The Fair Chance Act, New York City’s take on Ban the Box, was passed by New York City Council last Wednesday. The bill had overwhelming support; Mayor deBlasio is expected to sign the bill, which will take effect 120 days after its enactment.

If you’re new to ban the box, the “box” refers to the check box on job applications asking applicants if they have a criminal history. The idea is to allow ex-offenders a chance to get past the application stage and increase their job opportunities by delaying a criminal background check or inquiry until later in the hiring process. The full text of the bill can be found here. In a press release issued by the council, supporters clarified that “nothing in the bill would require an employer to hire anyone despite criminal history.”  Like many other ban the box laws, the New York version goes beyond the application check box, and adds some additional restrictions on the use of criminal information in the hiring process that employers need to know. Here is a breakdown:

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Employment Screening in 2015: Background Screening Trends & Practices

Background Screening Trends & Practices

For the sixth consecutive year, EmployeeScreenIQ surveyed U.S.-based employers regarding their use of employment background checks. More than 500 HR professionals participated and boy did we get our money’s worth!

As with our previous surveys, the 2015 survey was designed to provide a reliable snapshot of:

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