How To Not Get Hacked In Chinese Surgery: A Background Check Story


Catchy title, huh?  When I saw this headline, I couldn’t imagine this article had anything whatsoever to do with background checks.  But it actually tells the true story of a company that fell victim to a very elaborate scheme concocted by an employee of one of their business partners.  Coincidentally, it also illustrates why it is important to conduct background checks on your employees, contractors, etc.  Who would’ve thought?

How To Not Get Hacked In Chinese Surgery

By Richard Gould, Asia Times Online

The modern business environment is a Hobbesian affair, and for companies that do not keep ahead of security threats, life can be nasty and brutish. Multinationals deploy a range of tools and tactics to protect their interests, with varying levels of data and network security, anti-corruption mechanisms, physical security, anti-counterfeiting technology, anti-theft devices, electronic tracking systems, access control systems, and more.

But even the most well-designed corporate security schemes occasionally fail. Just as companies’ research and development departments try to stay on the cutting-edge of technical progress, criminals are perpetually developing ways to take advantage of security lapses. Their gain is a company’s loss, and a diverse range of industries can become targets for fraudulent activity that is very difficult to reasonably anticipate.