9/16/2008 Damage from Ike Causes Court Delays Throughout U.S.


As you know, the city of Houston, TX and surrounding areas suffered heavy damages caused by Hurricane Ike. Currently 93% of those in Harris County (Houston) are without power. Neighboring counties of Brazoria, Montgomery and Fort Bend are also largely without power. Needless to say, the courthouses in these affected counties have been closed since the storm hit and will remain closed for at least a few more days.

In addition to the Gulf Coast region, this storm has caused considerable damage and flooding throughout a significant portion of the country, including parts of Louisiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia and Indiana. As a result several county courthouses throughout these states have been closed.

Those requesting court research in the affected counties will experience delays until these courts reopen. employeescreenIQ will continue to keep our affected clients abreast of these delays until the courts have reopened.