8/19/2008 Update: EmployeeScreen University Continues to Evolve


As you may know, in March we successfully launched employeescreen University, a first of its kind interactive, educational Web site for security, risk management and human resource professionals that features regularly updated, free background-screening information; all aimed to help hiring managers make better hiring decisions. The reaction from the marketplace has been overwhelmingly positive and we have evolved the content based on the responses we receive from our visitors.

Some of the new features added since the launch include:

Guest Articles Section– A unique point of view about background checks and, or other related topics from industry insiders and experts. Sample of Guest Contributors includes:

employeescreenIQ Podcast Channel– Interviews with relevant hiring professional experts and content specific programming from employeescreenIQ associates. Sample of Podcasts already conducted includes:

Resources Page for FCRA and Other Important Links

Court Delays Update Page

Announcements Section

In the coming months we plan to include additional social networking tools, introduce new videos, and conduct best practice webinars both live and recorded and much, much more.

If you haven’t yet visited the site, please check out what you’ve been missing at http://www.employeescreen.com/university. We also invite all visitors to offer feedback. What did you like? What didn’t you like? What topics would you like to see more of? Etc.