7/27/2009 EmployeeScreenIQ Releases Latest Web Ordering Enhancements


EmployeeScreenIQ is pleased to announce the following enhancements to our website, My EmployeeScreen 4.0!

(Effective July 27, 2009)

Order Placement Enhancements

  • If you previously conducted a background check but accidentally request it a 2nd time, My EmployeeScreen 4.0 will notify you of a duplicate order before you submit it. This enhancement crosscheck’s your candidate’s Social Security Number with your previous orders.
  • The Social Security Administration has never issued a number greater than 772-00-0000. If you order a Social Security Number Trace, My EmployeeScreen 4.0 will validate the Social Security Number and alert you before you proceed with the rest of the order.
  • By entering just a zip code, the state and city will automatically populate, simplifying the order entry process.
  • EmployeescreenIQ can create a drop down list for clients that require adding P.O. Numbers, Billing Codes, etc. to the report. EmployeeScreenIQ will gladly customize this solution based on your specific needs.
  • Clients can now enter more than 3 alias names to search, if needed. Simply click on the green “+” button to add all information your applicant supplied to you.

Result Enhancements

  • We are pleased to bring you the most optimized solution yet. The “Preview” format allows you to view your candidate list while simultaneously scrolling through results. Adding additional services, archiving the report and e-mailing your Client Relations Associate are features which are still available through this dashboard option.

EmployeeScreenIQ is proud to offer these new solutions to our valued clients and excited to see how these features will enhance your screening program. Please contact our Client Relations department if you have any questions, (800) 235-3954, option 2. As always, thank you for your business.