5/18/2010 Webinar on Web 2.0’s Effect on Employee Screening


Technology has dramatically changed the way employers compete for talent and screen prospective employees, but nothing approaches the impact of social networking. With the widespread use of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites comes a new wave of legal liabilities for both recruiters and screeners. Other emerging technology threats include online diploma fraud, employment mills that manufacture work experience, screen scraping, and more.

Jason B. Morris, President & COO of EmployeeScreenIQ will address best practices and policies in order to successfully manage Web 2.0 technologies.

Janet Ford, Senior Vice President of The Work Number, will discuss the value of automated employment verifications in the hiring process and new tools for verifying the identity of job candidates.

Join us and learn . . .

* Should companies and screening partners be using social networking profiles to influence hiring decisions?
* Which social media sites are used by recruiters, and how can this harm your company?
* How can employers determine the authenticity of an online degree?
* What are the warning signs of a fraudulent work history?
* How do blogs, Google, and Wikipedia fit into the screening process?
* How to assess the value of ID verification tools and employment history verifications
* Why you should include ID verification in the hiring process
* How to develop a social media policy

The event will take place online. All you will need is a telephone to call the toll-free number and an Internet connection to view the presentation slides. Instructions for participating will be sent the day of the event. The event will last approximately 1 hour, including the question and answer session. There is no charge.

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