6/3/2011 Marion County Redaction Could Destroy Efficacy of Background Checks


We recently learned that the Marion County, Indiana (Indianapolis) Courts and Clerk’s Office has approved the redaction of month and day of birth from court records made available to subscribers to their Criminal Court Records Search Service leaving only year of birth.  See court ruling.

This is being done to protect the personal data of those who have records, however an unintended consequence of this ruling will leave those who conduct background checks in this county with no way to confirm that the criminal records they have found actually belong to their candidates. This measure would effectively kill the ability of employers (and anyone else who searches public records) to conduct background checks. Or employers will continue to perform background checks and stand to make hiring decisions based on information which belongs to someone else.

EmployeeScreenIQ has joined in with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) to voice our concerns over the damage this measure would cause.  We have been successful doing so whenever similar measure have arisen and expect to be again.  However, we would strongly encourage anyone who feels they may be affected by this ruling to appeal to the court.  You can do so by faxing a letter to the following individuals at (317) 327-3844.

Glenn Lawrence, Court Administrator
John Hanley Honorable, Presiding Judge
Becky Pierson-Treacy Honorable, Judge
Marc Rothenberg Honorable, Judge
Kelly Campbell, Director of Court Operations
David Certo Honorable, Judge

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