Changes On The Way for E-Verify? (9/17/2009)


I’m somewhat hesitant to incorporate this story into our legislative updates section, but here goes.

Check out this story I found on Official: E-Verify changes in the works

Yes, the E-Verify program is set to expire at the end of this month if is not renewed. With the new Federal Contractor Rule finally in place, there is no chance of this happening. E-Verify will absolutely be extended.

What does the future hold for E-Verify? In my opinion, the contractor rule is a primer for future legislation which requires all U.S. employers to confirm workers’ employment eligibility status through E-Verify. But I don’t believe that E-Verify is ready to handle that type of capacity now or any time in the near future. Further, both the Social Security Administration and theDepartment of Homeland Security need to clean up their databases a bit more to be ready for “primetime”.

Are biometrics likely to be used in the future? Sure, eventually we might get there, but considering the time and cost involved, we are a long, long way off.

Get used to E-Verify. It’s not going away. It’s going to expand and sooner, rather than later it will affect your organization if it hasn’t already.