12/11/2009 Alive Hospice CFO quits after admitting to fraud at former employer


Tennessean.com- December 11, 2009

Alive Hospice’s new chief financial officer, hired while under federal indictment for 10 counts of mail fraud, has resigned.

Missy Bordelon, whose hiring was announced in October, confirmed that she has resigned her position and that she is the Melissa Hanks Bordelon who was indicted in April this year. She declined to comment further.

Bordelon has admitted in Louisiana federal court filings that, while she was the CFO of Acadian Medical Center in Eunice, La., she ordered excess money from physicians’ student loan payments be paid out in money orders. She then used those money orders to pay off her own debt.

The scheme continued even after she left for a new job, according to the federal court filings, when she ordered the bank to mail the money orders to a post office box she maintained.

Bordelon admitted to taking more than $192,000 total and entered a guilty plea to one count of mail fraud in September. The conviction carries up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $250,000 on top of making restitution to the hospital. No sentence or penalty has been set yet, according to court records.

Pam Brown, Alive Hospice’s vice president for community development, said Bordelon no longer works there, but she refused to say when she started, when she resigned or whether the company was aware she was under indictment when she was hired.

“It is not our practice to comment on specific personnel issues,” Brown said. “I can tell you that we always do a background check when we’re in a hiring process.”