SterlingBackcheck Acquires EmployeeScreenIQ, a Global Provider of Background Screening Services

NEW YORK, November 3, 2015 – SterlingBackcheck, one of the world’s largest background screening companies, announced today that it has acquired EmployeeScreenIQ, a global provider of employment background checks and substance abuse screening services. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

EmployeeScreenIQ Joins SterlingBackcheck, One of the World’s Largest Screening Companies


We’re pleased to announce that we have joined SterlingBackcheck, one of the world’s leading background screening companies.

EmployeeScreenIQ and SterlingBackcheck are already united by the desire to provide the highest quality background check services.  By combining their strong customer-driven cultures with sophisticated technologies, SterlingBackcheck and EmployeeScreenIQ can better serve customers around the world with comprehensive screening solutions and services for both pre-hire and post-hire needs.

In the short term, nothing changes. Daily interactions with EmployeeScreenIQ will continue as usual:

  • The processes for completing consent forms, ordering background checks and viewing results will not change.
  • Our sales, operations, and client service teams will stay in place and continue to serve you.
  • Our current management team, including Jason Morris and Nick Fishman remains in Cleveland.

As we start to bring SterlingBackcheck and EmployeeScreenIQ together, you will see a clear focus on delivering new and innovative resources, all with the aim of helping organizations achieve their screening goals more effectively. We anticipate the combined offerings of EmployeeScreenIQ and SterlingBackcheck will create new opportunities for all of us to explore together.

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