11/27/2014 U.S. Courts Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving

Please note that all U.S. Courts will be closed on Thursday, November 27, 2014 in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. All courts in California, Illinois, Arizona and Texas will be closed on Friday the 28th.

Employers requesting criminal background checks leading up to the holiday can expect a delay until the courts reopen on Friday the 28th and Monday, December 1st respectively.

Have a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday from your friends at EmployeeScreenIQ.

Happy Thanksgiving from EmployeeScreenIQ


While we’re thankful for you year-round, we wanted to take the opportunity to express our gratitude for your continued support of EmployeeScreenIQ and for being such great clients. It’s been a fantastic year and we couldn’t have done it without you!

We also wanted to let you know our offices will be closed Thursday, November 27th and Friday, November 28th for the holiday. Our offices will reopen Monday, December 1st.

Have a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones!

How to Improve the Candidate Experience During a Background Check


We’ve been talking a lot about candidate experience over the past month. From our webinar highlighting how employers might be scaring away their best candidates to our newest white paper with tips for improving candidate experience before, during, and after the background check—it’s clear that the experience prospective employees have with your company is vital to your ultimate success.

With your company’s reputation hanging in the balance, you don’t want to leave candidate experience to chance. You must take strategic steps to improve and sustain a positive experience for candidates—whether you decide to hire them or not. Our white paper, Improve Your Candidate Experience: 13 Tips for a Winning Background Screening Process, shares crucial steps to take before, during, and after a background check.

In the second phase, during a background check, you’re pretty sure you want to hire your candidate—which is why you ordered a background check. But it’s not just your approval that must be won. Be sure that your candidates are informed and up-to-date during the process and still want to work for you at the end of it. Continue reading How to Improve the Candidate Experience During a Background Check

11/20/2014 EmployeeScreenIQ and iCIMS Enhance Partnership to Provide Employers with a Smoother Candidate Screening Process

EmployeeScreenIQ, a global provider of employee background screening services, and iCIMS, Inc., a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition software solutions for growing businesses, have upgraded their longstanding platform integration to provide customers with fully streamlined, paperless background checks. By utilizing iCIMS’ new Application Programming Interface (API) protocols, customers will benefit from a smoother screening process.

For many employers, pre-employment screening is necessary but has historically required significant manual labor that is often challenging to manage. Contacting applicants, collecting release forms and capturing sensitive information is time-consuming, inefficient and poses significant risks.

Designed to save time on repetitive tasks, increase productivity and promote security, iCIMS has for several years been seamlessly integrated with EmployeeScreenIQ’s premium employee background check service to offer a simple, smart, safe and stable pre-employment screening and talent acquisition processes.

iCIMS has recently upgraded its integration API to better serve customers, giving its partners an opportunity to update as well. Always at the forefront of technology, EmployeeScreenIQ took advantage of this opportunity. The upgrade is now available to EmployeeScreenIQ customers currently on the iCIMS Talent Platform.

“Technology in the talent acquisition industry moves pretty fast and if you’re not armed with the best and most innovative tools, you could be missing out on top talent,” said Joel Cheesman, director of strategic alliances at EmployeeScreenIQ. “iCIMS’ API upgrade is very impressive and will offer customers a quicker and smoother integration. We’re very satisfied with how the upgrade has turned out and we’re happy to be offering this improved service to our shared customers.”


5 Steps to Ensure Your Airline’s Background Screening Program Survives Its Next Audit


Commercial, freight, and fractional jet airlines impact the lives of millions of people every day. Due to the sensitive nature of facilities that airline employees (including third party contractors) work in every day, there’s no doubt that they must undergo a thorough and accurate employment background check. Letting the wrong person into any restricted facility or area can be disastrous; consider the recent case of Brian Howard, a contract employee of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), who started a fire in an Illinois control center that canceled or delayed over 2,000 flights at more than three different airports.

If you are in the airline industry, you know that your background screening practices are audited on a regular basis by any one of the following agencies: FAA, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the United States Postal Service (USPS). Fail one of these audits and the consequences could be disastrous. How can your airline avoid issues and other penalties that could result from a failure to successfully complete one of these audits?

Continue reading 5 Steps to Ensure Your Airline’s Background Screening Program Survives Its Next Audit

5 Steps to a Successful Background Check in Financial Services


You work hard to safeguard not only your company’s finances, but those of your clients as well. And as a company in the financial services industry, you deal with both on a daily basis. From a business perspective, it’s vital to the success of your organization that your finances are not only in order, but that you can entrust your company’s financial information with your employees. From a personal perspective, you are serving a wide range of customers—who are entrusting your company with both their personal and financial information.

For an industry that’s already heavily regulated to keep sensitive information secure, you have to wonder, is it possible to increase security? When it comes to the safety of your company as well as your customers—you can’t be too careful. And your customers’ information should be particularly safeguarded by your employees, whether you work for a bank our any other financial institution (private wealth management, brokerage services, credit union, credit card company, insurance company…the list goes on). Continue reading 5 Steps to a Successful Background Check in Financial Services

11/17/2014 Oregon Background Check Delays Due to Court System Upgrade

Background Check Delays in Oregon

We’ve received word from the Oregon Clerk of Courts that the state’s public record database will be unavailable while they transition to a new system December 5-10, 2014.  Therefore, those seeking criminal background checks in all counties throughout the state will be delayed until the system upgrade is completed on December 11th.

In addition, access to criminal records in Douglas, Josephine and Marion counties will be unavailable to be completed between December 3-21, 2014. Any requests during this time will be completed on December 22nd.


13 Tips for a Winning Background Screening Process


One poor candidate experience doesn’t end there. More than 60% of candidates who have a negative experience with your organization will let someone else know. And rest assured that your job candidates are talking about your company—for better or worse. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve the overall candidate experience. Continue reading 13 Tips for a Winning Background Screening Process

11/11/2014 U.S. Courts Closed for Veterans Day

Background Check Delays Due to Veterans Day

Please note that all U.S. courts will be closed on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 in observation of Veterans Day.  Courts will reopen for business on Wednesday the 12th.

Those requesting criminal background checks leading up to the holiday can expect a 24 hour delay in results.

Don’t forget to thank a service member for their commitment and dedication to protecting our country and our way of life.