Coach Connected to Keg, Pot Party Failed Background Check

Yet another shining example of someone working with children that should not have been. This just goes to show that school officials should make sure that the proper screening procedures are followed before a person is placed in a position of authority at a school. It’s one thing for the employee/volunteer to have a criminal past, but quite another when this person is contributing to the delinquency of those he is supposed to be supervising.

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Employment Screening 101: IQ Review-Part 18

IQ Review is a perpetual screening program designed for our clients’ current employees. IQ Review was launched last month and the response has been overwhelming. Issues such as workplace violence and employee theft have led employers to want to expand their employment screening program to their current workforce.

While a comprehensive pre-employment background check allows you to make an informed hiring decision and reduce risk in the workplace at the time of hire, it can only provide insight into information available at the time of the background check.

For security conscious organizations, IQ™Review provides assurance that valued employees continue to represent the same professional standards and character demonstrated at the time of hire.

Services offered for IQ Review are:

For most of these searches it is only necessary to search in their current jurisdiction. Perpetual screening will become more important in the coming years as workplace violence and negligent hiring lawsuits continue to make the news!

4/29/2008 Thousands of Employee Background Checks by Security Police

[Thousands of Employee Background Checks by Security Police 4/29/2008](

YLE News – Helsinki,Uusimaa,Finland*

Last year, Finland’s Security Police carried out background checks of over 8000 job applicants for employers, more than ever before. …

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NASA Still At Standstill Over Background Checks

If you’ve been following the on-going drama of NASA’s quest to perform background checks on their contractors, I’ve got an update:  Nothing has changed . . . again.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected NASA’s request to lift the injunction it imposed earlier to stop them from conducting background checks on a group of 27 contractors (full story).

It seemed that the biggest issue that the contractors had was that they didn’t think NASA should have the right to dig into their personal lives including their sexual orientation and family lives.  You wonder if NASA really needs that type of information.  Stay tuned.  We’ll keep following this soap-opera.

4/29/2008 Connecticut Background Law Goes Into Effect May 1, 2008 (Again)

Connecticut Background Check Law Goes Into Effect May 1st (Again)

Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1098 Public Act No. 07-243 will officially go into effect on May 1, 2008. If this seems like old news, well that’s because it is. This law was supposed to take effect on January 1st, however the state didn’t have the infrastructure needed to implement.

Effective May 1, 2008 all Consumer Reporting Agencies (Background Screeners) must confirm criminal records found on those in the state of Connecticut (on a site provided by the state) before they can be reported to the employer. The CRA must also notify the subject of the report about the presence of the records being reported.

Our take on this is that this is the state’s way of slapping the hands of those that utilize commercial databases as the sole means of searching for criminal records and, or those that perform shoddy background checks. We’ve come to this conclusion, because if you are performing on-site record searches and validating the records you find (the best practice method), this requirement is a redundant step. Because databases can contain arrest records, expunged records and can even reveal records that do not belong to the subject of a report unless the required authentication takes place an employer could be using information it should not be in the decision process.

To view the full version of this statute click on the link below:

Connecticut Substitute Senate Bill No. 1089 Public Act No. 07-243

District Investigates Teacher Aide’s Possible Criminal Record

Here is a story from employeescreenIQ’s own backyard.  Though these allegations have yet to be confirmed, this story brings into question how efficient the school district’s background screening process really is.  If this person failed the background check, as this article states, how was she still placed in a position at the school?  The only reason I can think of is that the district may have run the background check after the employee had already started work making their continued employment contingent upon the results of the background check.  Running the background check after the person starts working for a company is certainly something employeescreenIQ would not suggest (especially when the position entails working with children) but, on the flip side, we do realize that sometimes a company’s immediate staffing needs outweigh any possible pitfalls.  Of course, this is just speculation at this point.  It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

4/25/2008 Herba-Lie or Herbalife, asks Fraud Discovery Institute's Barry Minkow

[Herba-Lie or Herbalife, asks Fraud Discovery Institute’s Barry Minkow](

Eworldwire (press release) – Succasunna,NJ,USA

SAN DIEGO/EWORLDWIRE/April 25, 2008* — Moments after Herbalife President Gregory Probert admitted he lied multiple times in his resume, Fraud Discovery …

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Herbalife President Falsified Academic Credentials

Herbalife, a publicly traded corporation just confirmed that their president and Chief Operating Officer failed to complete the MBA he claimed to receive on his resume (Herbalife Statement).  Isn’t it amazing how often we see stories such as these?  Not really!  Face it people, in this information age there are no secrets.  What amazes me is that this information was never revealed in a background check.  You would think it might be important for Herbalife to know this information, right? A simple Education Verification would have provided them with the 411.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t know this individual or about his job performance, but you have to do a lot of impressive things to become a president of a globally recognized publicly traded company.  My guess is his experience and hard work got him to the top.  Unfortunately, it is a little “inconsequential” lie that will surely lead to great consequences.