BIS Changes its Name

Today, we are pleased to announce that Background Information Services, Inc. (BIS) is changing its name to employeescreenIQ,
effective immediately. We are doing so because the services we offer
are not generic and therefore our name should not be either. We have
spent the past eight years developing a brand that stands for total
quality by offering an unparalleled client experience, best practices
consultation and strict risk management protocols. We feel that the
name employeescreenIQ better portrays our commitment to these ideals.  We screen smarter so that our clients can hire with confidence.

It is important to note that while we are changing our name, there are
many things that will not change. First and foremost, we will continue
to operate under the same management with the same dedicated
professionals. Further, we will continue to be a global leader in the
employment screening industry. We will continue to educate the
marketplace. And we will continue to deliver to our valued
client/partners the same user experience they have come to expect.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be announcing
new programs available to both our client/partners and other human
resource professionals that further distinguish our position as the
smart choice for employment screening.

Thank you for your time and for sharing this important milestone in the evolution of our organization.

Nick Fishman

Chief Marketing Officer, EVP

MIT Dean of Admissions Lied on Her Resume

Okay.  I know in the past we’ve used this blog to admonish many an employer who decided not to perform a background check only for it to backfire in their face in a major way.  This time, I cannot completely fault MIT, one of our nation’s most prestigious universities.  However, the most recent resignation of a trusted dean has now become very public and very embarrassing as reported by Fox News and countless others.

It seems that Marilee Jones, dean of Admissions since 1997 claimed to have degrees from three different universities when she initially applied at MIT in 1978.  At least one school, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has indicated that Jones never earned that degree. 

Why the leniency for MIT?  Let’s be fair, it was a different world in 1978.  There weren’t a whole lot of background checks being done.  So, I’m prepared to let this lapse slide. 

But uh oh! there’s more.  Why didn’t the school perform a check when they promoted her to this pubic and prestigious position in 1997?  Whoops!  Do you think they might care to re-think this decision?  Let’s see, a $10 Education Verification or a Major Public Embarrassment.  You decide.

Background Checks for Athletes?

U of M considers background checks after signing accused player!

Showing the world that no one is safe from deceit.

Criminal background checks may one day be part of the recruiting process for freshman athletes at the University of Minnesota after the school signed a football player who had been charged in two armed robberies in the St. Louis area.

"It’s something we’ve debated," said Gophers athletic director Joel Maturi. "I think people are leaning toward going down that path. But I’m a little nervous because we have a situation where we didn’t find anything."