Background Screening for Every Industry

Every industry has different needs when it comes to employment background checks. Check out our best practices recommendations.

Financial Services

Compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act, Sarbanes Oxley requirements, FDIC guidelines, and other impactful government directives require careful attention.


With extensive experience serving some of our nation’s largest insurance organizations, EmployeeScreenIQ is well versed and compliant with the Insurance Fraud Prevention Act and various State Regulatory Laws.


Whether it’s for FAA or DOT regulatory compliance, EmployeeScreenIQ can develop a package to meet your company’s unique needs. Services vary depending on your specific industry.


Employers in the healthcare industry are concerned about not only the safety of employees, but also the well-being of the patients they care for.


In an industry with more prevalence and access to sensitive information, technology sector employers can’t be too careful with who they hire.


Maintaining a safe, accident-free workplace is vital in the manufacturing industry, in addition to the need to reduce employee turnover.


With many years serving companies in all sectors of the retail industry, we know that two of the most important employee-related concerns in retail are related to employee theft and turnover.

Shared Services

In a time when the sharing economy has become a new norm, it’s vital that companies with these services take the utmost care to protect their customers.


Properly screening teachers, faculty, janitorial staff, teaching assistants, coaches, and other extra-curricular activity staff is vital to maintaining a safe learning environment for all.


EmployeeScreenIQ develops efficient solutions for those in temporary staffing, placement and PEO business that allow for flexibility based on your and your clients’ needs.