Quick Takes is an original video series that reveals an insider's perspective of the latest issues in the background screening industry.

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Global Solutions

Are your pre-employment screening standards compromised when hiring candidates who have lived or reside outside of the United States?


Safe Harbor - U.S Department of CommerceUnderstanding the laws and customs

  • EmployeeScreenIQ is one of a select few screening providers Safe Harbor-certified with the US Department of Commerce to protect confidential information across international borders.
  • All searches are performed in accordance with the European Union and Global Information Exchange privacy rights.
  • EmployeeScreenIQ utilizes expert interpreters specializing in Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, Dutch, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and many more.
  • EmployeeScreenIQ follows proper local protocols in each country searched
    Global Screening Options.

Global Screening Services

  • International Criminal Record Searches in over 200 countries
  • Education Verifications
  • Employment Verifications
  • Reference Interviews
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control/Terrorist Watch List Searches

International Downloads

EmployeeScreenIQ has the proven ability to handle all of your global screening needs around the world at an affordable price.

Please contact EmployeeScreenIQ at (800) 235-3954 for more information.

Please Note: EmployeeScreenIQ Global Screening Services does not operate as an international investigative agency.

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NAPBSEmployeescreenIQ is a founding member of the NAPBS and has earned distinction of an NAPBS Accredited organization based on our proven record and demonstration of excellence, quality and service.

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Quick Takes Video


An original series that reveals an insider's perspective of the latest issues in the background screening industry.

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